iPhone Scam: A real one or ego satisfaction?

iPhone Scam: A real one or ego satisfaction?
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#iPhoneScam was trending at no.1 on Twitter for 2 days. We can often see cybercrime-related issues on news. Recently a Twitter user (@Nishant_india) made an allegation on Hitesh Patel (Neel) that he has scammed many people through Twitter and so on.

However, Neel refutes many claims in a video streamed on Digikarma. Let's look at the claims by Nishant and what Neel said about this, one by one -

Neel said that he never bought or hacked this ID (@Nto1927). In fact, we found this band 'Night terrors of 1927' officially closed in 2017. Twitter has a policy that Twitter can remove the inactive account of it's not logged in 6 months. It can happen that Twitter reserved that account and gave to Neel because Neel was the shareholder of twitter.

Next allegation - he scammed more than 40 Crore rupees, for iPhone. Let's see what Neel said about this - 

Neel said that he has orders of iPhone -

  • 4096 iPhone 11, 1861 iPhone 11 128 GB, 50 iPhone 11 256 GB, 
  • 16 iPhone 11 Max pro 64GB, 23 iPhone 11 Max pro 128 GB, 6 iPhone 11 Max Pro 256 GB, 1 iPhone 11 Max Pro 512 GB,
  • 30 iPhone 12 Pro 5G, 15 iPhone 12 Pro 5G 256 GB, 8 iPhone 12 mini
  • 16 Laptops, 3052 Tablet.

Moreover, all of the iPhone ordered in October, November has already been delivered. 8 or 9 phones are on the way to deliver, 5 phones are left (not delivered). It's also true that it's very difficult to deliver such a huge number of iPhones to the customer at a time plus it also includes custom duty.  Nishant also claimed that there is a case Case against Neel in Louisville USA and shared a photo of that case -

Our OSNIT team has searched about this case and they found NOTHING SUCH case. Apparently, there is just one case against Neel in the US, it was related to Taxation, not others.

We found all of these issues are primarily raised by Sunaina Holey. She also convinced Neel that she will ask Opindia, Swarajya and other news platforms to promote Squeaks. Sunaina also claimed to help neel patel arranging meeting with Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister in Indian government. Ms. Holey has also mudslinged several BJP leaders and karyakartas including Minister Prakash Javdekar calling him a 'Nalla'.

Here is the chat of her with Neel -

Sunaina Holey claimed that her last job salary was 2.6 lakh and she was expecting that Neel would pay her 1.5 lakh at least. However, Neel did pay 1lakh per month for publicity of Squeaks. here is the ss of that chat -

Here we can see a PDF which is actually a receipt of Bank of Baroda - here is the ss 

It's clear that Sunaina worked for Neel and she got paid for that. But here is a twist, Neel claimed Sunaina contacted Sanjay Thapa (the rivalry of Neel). They did a conspiracy against Neel and Sunaina posted many things against Squeaks and Neel Patel on Twitter though it was indirectly.

here is the chat - 

Now, in one post, Sunaina asked a user to check her bank balance and her house isn't run on Neel's money but Neel said in the video Sunaina asked Neel to give 1 lakh on an urgent basis because she has to pay for her room rent.

This topic will be continued to the next article and expose other right-wingers who manipulate RW as per their convenience and bully if their terms are not met.