iPhone Scam: #IPhoneScam Reality or A well cooked story? [UPDATED] (Part - 2)

iPhone Scam: #IPhoneScam Reality or A well cooked story? [UPDATED] (Part - 2)

"iPhone scam - reality or ego satisfaction?" - In our first article, we reported that Neel was betrayed by a prominent Right Winger Ms Sunaina Holey. we showed the chat where Sunaina abused Prakash Javedkar and referred him a 'Nalla'. Now in this article, we are going to show another reality of these so-called Right Wingers.

Sunaina Holey claimed that she has a big connection with BJP leaders. She claimed she is the sister of Ex CM Devendra Fadnavis, her uncle is Nitin Gadkari Ji and so And that her sister is the daughter in law of Late Shri Manohar Parikar Ji. So on...

Sunaina on Kashmiri Pandit

We all know what kind of atrocity was happened on Kashmiri Pandit. They were brutally killed, raped by a group of radical jihadist. We have seen a huge number of Right-wingers raised voice for Kashmiri Pandits. After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, Modi govt. trying to establish Kashmiri pandits and help them in several ways. But Sunaina called them "Fu#king ungrateful". She claimed Kashmiri pandits get many things in 'Fokat' (free) and don't call themselves Hindu. She also said something shady about Journalist Aditya Koul and Activist Aarti Tikoo. 

Here is the screenshot -

Sunaina's allegation on Vikas Pandey -

Vikas Pandey is a well-known face in social media. He is also the founder of "Hindu IT cell", "iSupportNamo". Sunaina made a big revelation on Vikas Pandey. In chatting, she called him Fraud and alleged Vikas Pandey misused all donation in the name of "Kamlesh Tiwari".



After a false claiming by miss Sunaina Holey on Vikas Pandey, she requotes his old Twitter Video which was posted on 29th Oct 2019 and Sunaina apologised. Sunaina said," was misinformed about the fundraiser & I said it on that basis without verifying facts by myself. I apologize for the irresponsible comment on a noble cause." This shows Sunaina Holey was actively involved in malign netizens Image on social media without verifying the real fact.

Here is the tweet -

Sunaina on Suresh Nakhua -

Suresh Nakhua is the Official Spokesperson, of BJP Maharastra. Sunaina Holey called him 'Dalla'. She also shared some of Suresh Nakhua's tweet to defame him.

Sunaina also refer to Suresh Nakhua as Fraud in the following ss -

Now we can show Sunaina has a big team working for her - let's see in the next ss -

Nishant and Sunaina alleged Neel for the Squeaks card scam but it was Sunaina who gave all cards to Rahul Roushan, Ajeet Bharti, Shefali Vaidya, Ishita Yadav, Meena Narayan and so on.

We are not sure whether Ms Sunaina Holey sent the list of the above names to Mr Patel after taking approval from the individuals and whether the abovementioned individuals received the gift cards.

Now talking about Nupur Sharma or OpIndia, Sunaina said she contacted Nupur to write an article on Squeaks media so it can be promoted. However, as per Nupur, there was nothing like that and OpIndia doesn't promote it. 

In part one, we cleared that Neel never hacked the @Nto1927 account. Though Nishant still spreads misinformation. Now we have solid proof that Neel didn't do any wrong thing. Noe Jarrod claimed that Neel can use that account because their band was broke up. 

Now Deepika Bharadwaj said that Neel cheated and didn't pay the $8000. But it is totally wrong. soon Aryan Pheonix cleared this doubt.


Before accusing anyone by hearing one side of the story, the other side should also be heard first and then be judged.

So here we present you with the other side of the story. And now you are free to have your own assessment on the whole fiasco

We will come back with the next expose on the same. Stay tuned.