Justice for Ayesha: Ayesha suicide case of Ahmedabad, the accused husband was arrested from Pali in Rajasthan

Justice for Ayesha: Ayesha suicide case of Ahmedabad, the accused husband was arrested from Pali in Rajasthan
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The husband of 23-year-old Ayesha, who committed suicide by jumping into Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad three days ago, was arrested on Monday night from Pali, Rajasthan. Ayesha recorded a video message before Suicide. Audio of her last conversation with parents was also revealed, in which Ayesha accused her husband of exploiting her.

Arif had escaped from the wedding ceremony 

Ayesha's husband Arif is a resident of Jalore, Rajasthan. Ayesha's video message went viral on Saturday. After this, when the Gujarat police reached Arif's house in Jalore, the family told that he had gone to a wedding and went somewhere. After this, on the basis of mobile location, the accused was arrested from Pali on Monday night.

 Ayesha was pursuing MA from Economics at SV Commerce College located on Relief Road, Ahmedabad. Also used to work in a private company. She was married to Arif on 6 July 2018. From 10 March 2020 Ayesha was living in Maiden. He accused Arif of harassment

Once the daughter was not even given food for three days: Liaquat Ali

Ayesha's father Liaquat Ali said that my daughter Ayesha was cheerful, but her life was made hell after dowry. Once the in-laws did not even give him food for three days. He does not tell me his problem by calling me, so Arif had snatched away his mobile phone. Somehow Ayesha called me from her neighbor's mobile and wept and said 'Papa these people are not even giving me food'.

Liaquat told that after this they immediately brought Ayesha to the maternal home and filed a case of domestic violence against her husband Arif, mother-in-law and her sister-in-law. Ayesha had asked me to withdraw the same case in her video, but I am never going to forgive my daughter's killers.

The accused should be punished by running a fast track case

In this regard, Gulab Khan Pathan, member of the Gujarat Bar Council, says that Ayesha's case is very sad. According to the law, this case comes under Section 306 of the IPC, so I believe that the conviction of the accused will be certain. Incidentally, even if a witness turns away from his statement, Ayesha's last video can be used as her dying declaration to convict the accused. In this case, the accused should be punished by running fasttrack case.

23-year-old Ayesha jumped into the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad last Saturday.  Before Suicide, Ayesha also made a laughing video.  Now the pain behind Ayesha's laughter is revealed through the lawyer.

Ayesha's lawyer Zafar Pathan has made shocking revelations.

He told that 23-year-old Ayesha was married to Arif, who lives in Jalore, Rajasthan.  Arif had an affair with a girl from Rajasthan.  Arif used to talk to girlfriends on a video call in front of Ayesha.  He used to spend money on his girlfriend and that is why he used to demand money from Ayesha's father.

The lawyer said- Ayesha's struggle started only after 2 months of marriage.

Zafar explains that the video made by Ayesha on the Sabarmati riverfront has shocked people, but the reality is that Ayesha's struggle started only 2 months after her marriage.  Arif himself told Ayesha that he loves another girl.  Despite this, Ayesha kept fighting to preserve the honor of her poor parents.  She went through a new problem every moment, but remained silent.  What can be worse for a girl than her husband to talk to his girlfriend in front of her.

The child died in the womb due to depression

Meanwhile, it is also revealed that Arif once left Ayesha to Ahmedabad. Ayesha was pregnant at that time. The family alleges that Arif had said that if you give me one and a half lakh rupees, I will take Ayesha with me.