NB Exclusive - Why action against sulli deals only but not against complaint filled by hindu girls?

An open-source website named 'Sulli deals' where women were auctioned on a daily basis. But NCW and Delhi Police took action against sulli deals only, there are many case filed by hindu women. Police didn't even register FIR. In this article we have shown the dual face of Delhi police and NCW.

NB Exclusive - Why action against sulli deals only but not against complaint filled by hindu girls?
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Delhi police registered FIR against 'Sulli deals app', NCW took quick action on it but it's their hypocrisy that none of the organisations who worked for women safety, didn't even file complaints against those people who morphed images of Hindu girls. Is it because the victim's religion is Hindu? or this activity is done by Muslim fanatics? Now let's see what sulli deals are - 

Sulli Deals - The open-source website, on the web-based platform Github, reportedly selected images of women along with their name and Twitter handle (without their consent) and gave the user the option of sharing the image with the title: “Your Sulli deal of the day is -”. Web portals and other news agencies tell that only Muslim girls are harassed but the gang who made Sulli-deals also morphed images of Hindu girls and posted them on porn sites. 

As per sources, some orthodox Muslims were unhappy with public images posted by Muslim girls. Here a user (@Ibblis666) who made fun of victims of Sulli deals. There is a possibility that fanatic Muslim boys made this app to defame Hindus, RSS and BJP. Another source claimed that a person name Salim Usmani from Lucknow 

Now, let's look at the people who harassed Hindu girls and morphed their pictures. 

A Twitter user Sajid Sheikh (id @Sajiddsheikh) shared a nude of a Hindu girl with a pathetic comment, He is using protonmail and his email id is - sajiddsheikh@protonmail.com. Lot's of people tagged Delhi police, NCW but no one has uttered a single word against him. 

A group of people who masquerades as supporters of Hindutva create fake chat ss and morph girls who don't agree with their views. A Twitter user name Anushka Nayak was harassed by Twitter user @Maitripada whose original name is Om Thakur (who lives in Bihar). She filed police complaints against Om Thakur but no action was taken by police. 

Archive link - https://archive.is/Og3FM

@raytahondu [ old suspended id - @raytahondu1, @raytaslayer, @AryanExiled, @AryanInExile ] is the main person associated with "Sulli deals" has a history of morphing images of Hindu girls. Here are some of the archive links when he morphed images of girls and put them on auction. 

He is from Rohtak, Haryana his Email IDs are as follows -

raytahondu@gmail.com associated with @Raytaslayer @RaytaHondu1 @arian_x11

When some Hindu girls were raising their voices against this person, this person gives her a rape threat and posted absurd images on them.

Soon after the girl, Akku got support from NCW. But still, the police haven't take any action.

This person @arian_x11 was supported by Krunal Patel [ID - @Dankchikitsak]. He wrote "arian_x11 stan" in his handle. This user Krunal was part of a telegram group where they shared sexual images of girls. Here is the proof -


Another user name Giyu [id - @giyu007] auctioned girls on Eid from his id - @giyu2002. According to some sources, his original name is Akshay Tripathi, he lives in Nainital. 

His email IDs are -

proof of his involvement in "Sulli deals" -

Another person name Amit Lahu Bhoske @Degen_Ammy [Old username: @Degenerate_Ammy, @Autistic_Ammy], who is currently living in Mumbai, is a friend of Giyu2002. He called Indians as Endians [used by Pakisthanis]. He has a history of threatening girls and morphing their images.

As per sources his - email id - Amitbhoske@gmail.com

Here is the archive link where abused Indians -


Let's see their gang members who are equally responsible for this heinous crime - 

Here we can see Akshay Tripathi (giyu2002) morphed image of a lady and we can see how they trap girls in chats. All of the group members of the group be it Akshay Tripathi or anyone in group, are against RSS, Hindutva. They also abused Adiyanath Yogi and VHP when they appointed Dalit priests for Ram Mandir and here they are supporting potential rapists who made sulli deals. 

Now, this is clear that a group of criminals are working to defame Hindutva and RSS. All evidence and Gmail IDs are mentioned here in the article, police can trace their location with these IDs. NCW and Police have to take action against these criminals and should punish them as per laws.