Swami Karpatri - The biggest enemy of Hindutva.

Swami Karpatri - The biggest enemy of Hindutva.
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Swami Karpatri Maharaj was famous for cursing Indira Gandhi. He is called "Dharam Samrat" by casteist fanatics. There is another side of Swami Karpatri, he was the source of inspiration for Jaativadis. He is the first one who opposed Dalit's entry into the temple, Here we will unmask his casteist face and hate for Hindutva.

Karpatri was born in 1907 at UP, His original name is Hari Narayan Ojha. He married a lady Mahadevi (child marriage) and left her when she became a mother of a girl.

Karpatri on RSS  and Veer Savarkar

Karpatri opposed RSS and V.D. Savarkar because they were against casteism. Karpatri said about RSS, '' Like the socialists, the Sanghis also want to destroy the temple decorum by entering the Bhangis in the temples" He also said that RSS doesn't care about Dharma because they eat together with Chamar and Bhangis.

Agniveer founder Sanjeev Newar Ji said on Karpatri, "This is Karpatri Maharaj condemning RSS & Savarkar for opposition to untouchability."

Sanjeev Ji added "RSS, VHP, Jan Sangh, Mahasabha, Arya Samaj have, since inception, been anti-casteism. Hindutva movement arose as a rebel against casteism to unite Hindus against Jihad. They faced stiff opposition from casteist elements who favoured the British way of dealing with Hindus."

Karpatri also opposed Ghar wapsi especially done by Arya Samaj, Veer Savarkar. He wrote a book condemning Savarkar for endorsing this Samhita as opposed to more authentic Shaastra. Even Karpatri rejected Medatithi commentary on Manu Smriti. As per sources, Veer Savarkar kicked out Karpatri from Hindu Mahasabha as Savarkar Ji got to know about his anti-Hindutva narrow mindedness. To oppose Savarkar Ji and Hindu Mahasabha, he founded Ram Rajya Parisangh which worked for weakening Hindu unity. This party fought against Narendra Modi in 2014 and was defeated badly. After Savarkar Ji's death, Karpatri wrote a whole book on him and criticize Savarkar for rejecting birth-based casteism, doing Ghar Wapsi through Ganga Snan, and removing untouchability. 

Karpatri on Shudra's right and their entry into the temple: 

Karpatri opposed Shudra's entry into the temple. He launched an agitation in the Kashi-Vishwanath temple, Later reached compromise where the temple was split into 2 parts. Everyone was allowed in the outer part that is technically not Mandir and only special ones inside. 

Karpatri also said shudra can't even recite Om and blamed RSS, Savarkar, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Golwalkar, Hindu Mahasabha, Jan Sangh for destroying Dharma. This fraud is the main reason why BR Ambedkar and his followers left Hinduism. He challenged Ambedkar for debate asking him to prove how Ambedkar has 'Adhikara' to decide Hindu law since he is an Antyaja untouchable as per Yajnavalkya Samhita.

This sanctimonious Karpatri didn't stop here, he tried to destroy the Sanskrit language by bringing a barrier. He said, "Sanskrit has been said to be the language of twice born only. For many people, even the pronunciation of Sanskrit words is prohibited." 

Karpatri was always the source of Jativaad. He has produced many casteist students, their only aim is to destroy Hindutva by dividing Hindus through casteism, untouchability. Puri Shankaracharya and Swami Om (Bigboss contestant) are famous students of Karpatri. Exactly before UP Election 2022, his chelas are doing propaganda against CM Adityanath Yogi. We will further expose his supporters like Ashish Dhar, Pragyeta team who are dividing Hindus.