Tech Mahindra finds new anti-virus drug molecule, company to apply for patent soon

Tech Mahindra finds new anti-virus drug molecule, company to apply for patent soon
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There is good coronavirus news. IT company Tech Mahindra together with Reagene Biosciences has found a new drug molecule. There is a possibility that this drug may kill and kill the coronavirus. Now it is ready to be patented so that further research can be done on it.

The name of the drug is not disclosed until the patent
Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head (Makers Lab) of Tech Mahindra, says the name of the molecule cannot be disclosed until it is patented. Tech Mahindra and Regen are in the process of bioscience research. Makers Lab Tech is the research and development arm of Mahindra.

The research was done on 8,000 drug molecules. According to Malhotra, Makers Lab undertook a computational modelling analysis of coronaviruses. Based on these computational docking and modelling studies, Tech Mahindra and the partner company shortlisted 10 drug molecules out of 8,000 FDA-approved molecules. These 10 drug molecules were filtered through technology. These were tested in Bengaluru. After this, their number was brought to 3.

3D lung test done
After this, the company prepared a 3D lung and tested it. Testing showed that a molecule is functioning according to research. Malhotra said that after this we completed computational analysis and our partner completed clinical analysis. He said that this technology is ready technology for future drug discovery.

Still need more study
He said that it needs further study on animals, but we are confident that this technique will reduce the drug discovery mechanism in biological computation. We are studying more to check its efficacy. Malhotra said that trials are underway on many drugs all over the world. Right now, people rely only on the vaccine to stay safe from the deadly coronavirus.

Today, the number of coronae infects will be crossed 2 million
The number of corona patients in the country has gone to 1 crore 99 lakh 19 thousand 715. India will be the second country where more than 20 million people have been infected. A maximum of 38.3 million people has been infected in the US. On Sunday, 3 lakh 69 thousand 942 patients have appeared in the country. 2 lakh 99 thousand 800 people got cured.