The Hindu - Chinese media or Indian media?

On 1st October, The Hindu celebrated The National day of the People Republic of China.

The Hindu - Chinese media or Indian media?
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The Hindu, one of India's oldest and prestigious newspaper, also called the Bible for UPSC aspirants.  Unfortunately, since 2014 this newspaper is behaving more like an anti-India force to out to break India internally.

We are well aware of The Hindu's biased view towards the Left. N. Ram is partially responsible for that. Today on Thursday, the Hindu celebrated the 'National's Day' of the People Republic of China (PRC). They also criticised India and tried to demotivate people on recent Indo-China conflict. In their article, they recount China's achievement and success.

PC - The Hindu

However, this is not the first case; In 2019, the Hindu published critical information regarding Rafale deal. Recently they published an article which sexualises Yoga practice. They also made a comparison between the face mask and underwear.

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Media is considered as the fourth pillar of Democracy. If the media and newspaper continue to publish a cheap and absurd article, the future of Indian journalism will be in danger.